Weight Loss

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Many people find it difficult to lose weight, even though they have tried dozens of diets and exercise programs over the years. They may be successful for a while, but then the willpower fails and the excess weight creeps back.

Something is missing, some key element that would make it easy to reach ideal weight and keep it steady. Does it have to do with getting more exercise, or perhaps doing a certain type of exercise? Or eating certain kinds of foods and avoiding others? Should we be eating a high protein diet, or sticking with high-quality, whole-grain carbohydrates? What about a vegan diet? There are so many conflicting ideas about what is the right path to take -it’s easy to see why people get discouraged and overwhelmed.

The weight loss industry is massive but if there is one undeniable truth surrounding this money spinner it is that it is failing so many people. The success rate in weight loss programs of diet and exercise is far smaller than the industry would like us to believe and we can see the general obesity rate rising year after year. That tells us that there is a failure with the programmes for most people. It seems that we are continuing to spend money with little hope of success.

The fact is that the real root of the issue, the one that most in the weight loss industry have been ignoring, is that it is our emotions that drive us. They control our beliefs about our worth, our weight, ourselves in general, and they control our behaviour.

It is our emotions that are at the heart of virtually every action we take or don’t take. They continually sabotage us and hijack our willpower. Our emotions are responsible for the release of hormones that lead to gaining weight, even affecting us at a very deep level of our biology. The fact is that it is the overproduction of cortisol, the stress hormone, that has a huge impact on our bodies. It can impact our digestion, food cravings, appetite, metabolic rate, and the ability to gain or release weight, among other things.

The good news is, there is a simple and yet extremely effective solution to reduce stress and profoundly influence our ability to lose weight at the very deep subconscious level, and that is EFT Tapping.

EFT has the ability to cut through the layers of our hidden beliefs about exercise and food, and cut through any traumas that may be related to body image and weight. It can help heal levels of damaged self-esteem, hidden ideas of feeling not good enough, or any other limiting beliefs that we hold that are preventing us from achieving our weight loss goals.

Using the Emotional Freedom Technique for weight loss is quick, easy and effective. If you have struggled in the past with issues around weight then trying EFT may well be worth exploring. You can find out more about the power of this technique in my free book ‘Success With EFT Tapping’. Simply, complete the subscription form opposite to access your copy.