PTSD & Trauma

EFT Tapping can be of great benefit to veterans or anyone suffering from PTSD, and it easy to learn, can be performed virtually anywhere and doesn’t require any tools or devices. It also does not bring on any side effects and costs nothing if self-administered. It takes mere minutes to learn. Most amazingly, some veterans suffering from even severe PTSD experience relief in days instead of years of conventional talk therapy and drugs, which often furnish very little, if any, progress.

Tapping can bring on recovery from a host of PTSD symptoms, including sleep disturbances and night terrors, mood swings, emotional issues, pain, substance abuse and violent outbursts, to name a few.

One case study focuses on a Vietnam vet named Jon, who for over thirty years was battling severe bouts of PTSD. Jon was able to undergo a transformation that was quite profound, with tapping sessions performed by Nick Ortner, author of The Tapping Solution: A Revolutionary System for Stress-Free Living. Jon participated in a four-day Tapping retreat.

Before the retreat, Jon suffered from diabetes and chronic back pain that was a result of Agent Orange exposure. He had also had three mini-strokes, and he was an emotional wreck. His family life was falling apart. He was racked with guilt over the many Vietnamese he had killed during the war. He became irritable and grouchy; never laughed or smiled. His kids avoided him because of his moods and his unpredictable reactions to ordinary noises within the home.

He would spend weeks and sometimes months over in Vietnam helping the Vietnamese, away from his family, hoping to assuage his guilt over the lives he took there during the war, but no amount of volunteer time helped him reduce his guilt. He also had a phobia of rats brought on from encounters with them in Vietnam.

After his treatment with Tapping at the retreat, he had an amazing recovery, at last liberated from the emotional and physical symptoms of PTSD that had imprisoned him since his 1968 stint in Vietnam. He felt free of the long-time guilt he had been saddled with for so many years. He started to enjoy his home life and his moods lightened, much to his family’s delight. He still returned to Vietnam to volunteer, but for much shorter time periods. His back pain, which had aggravated him for fifteen years, disappeared. Even his rat phobia vanished.

Literally thousands of veterans suffering from PTSD have recovered with the use of Tapping, and Jon’s story is just one of them. The Veterans Stress Project is a drug-free program offered to all veterans, providing EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) coaching. There are on-going clinical trials in which the trial volunteers are given six sessions of EFT free of charge, with excellent and lasting results. The success of this program is evidence that healing is possible without drugs for PTSD victims that have been suffering for many years.