Review: Emotional Freedom Technique for Dummies

Emotional Freedom Technique For Dummies 1st Edition Book Review

Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) are a late 20th century alternative healing method. Their origins lie in Far East spirituality and healing that center around life force energy flowing through all living things. So the focus of this healing technique is not new. However, the method for accessing and manipulating your internal energy is a process which was first published in the 1990s.

Dr. Roger Callahan was a practicing clinical psychologist in Southern California. He had a client who was deathly afraid of water. Even the simple practice of taking a shower gave her a headache, and not send her stomach! Callahan had been studying about the energy flow in human bodies as described in Chinese acupressure teachings. During one breakthrough session, the now famous patient “Mary” discussed having “awful feelings in her stomach” when even thinking about water.

Simply walking up to the edge of a pool was virtually impossible for her. Callahan had read that ancient energy body maps described the physical location just under the eye (left or right) as related to stomach problems. He asked Mary to tap lightly under her eye while thinking of and discussing her fear of water. This simple approach healed Mary’s water phobia in a single tapping session. She reportedly still has no water phobia after more than 30 years. This was the origin of Thought Field Therapy (TFT). This alternative healing method creates specific tapping sequences for specific problems.

A student of Callahan’s, Gary Craig, simplified TFT. He believed that the same tapping sequence on specific locations of the torso and head, accompanied by affirmation statements, could heal any number of conditions. This gave birth to Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), a subset or subclass of TFT. He released the international bestselling The EFT Manual in the late 1990s. He has since trained dozens of EFT teachers and healers that have helped millions heal severe and chronic mental and physical issues through an EFT practice.

The Idea

The idea behind the “For Dummies” line of books is simple – don’t assume anything. With more than 300 titles in print, For Dummies strives to make the complicated uncomplicated, without assuming you know if anything on a particular subject. From auto repair to sewing, computer code to aromatherapy, the subjects written about are covered exhaustively, and in great detail. You may not achieve master status in any one area after reading a For Dummies book, but you will have a basic education that you can build on.

That is how Emotional Freedom Technique For Dummies 1st Edition is written. It explains to the laymen the history behind energy healing, and how that alternative healing method lies at the foundation of Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT). You learn the specific process so you can heal yourself with EFT, even if you have never experienced a single session before. Terminology is defined and explained, there are plenty of beneficial tips, techniques and tactics disclosed, and the book comes with lots of helpful illustrations and resources to complete your education.

How the Book Is Laid Out

If you have ever read one “For Dummies” title, you understand the layout. You begin with Contents at a Glance. This allows you to quickly head to any part of the book by offering general titles such as Finding Your Way to Inner Happiness. After this page, you come to a more detailed Table of Contents. For example, you find that the larger section just mentioned covers 5 chapters and 74 pages, with titles like:

  • Learning to Accept Yourself
  • Relating to Relationships
  • Understanding the Laws of Attraction
  • Making Sense of Your Behaviour
  • Fighting Fears, Phobias and Anxieties
  • Managing Your Anxieties with EFT
  • Releasing the Emotions Attached to Stress, Trauma, and Abuse

Like other For Dummies books, Emotional Freedom Technique For Dummies 1st Edition is divided into parts, in this case 7 parts. Each part contains a number of chapters, and after the last chapter you receive Appendices, Resources and a helpful Index.

The 1st part of this book explains The Path to Emotional Freedom. EFT is defined and explained, and you learn that you can practice EFT on yourself to help understand and direct your emotions. It is here where you are taught The Basic EFT Tapping Routine, so you can get started immediately healing spiritual, physical and emotional issues.

The book’s 2nd part is concerned with Getting to the Root of the Problem. This explains how most physical and mental issues arise from emotional concerns. You learn how to achieve “cognitive shifts” that can deliver truly astounding changes in your life. You also discover how to Refine Your EFT Technique for better results.

The 3rd part of the book teaches you to love yourself exactly as you are right now. You use EFT to build strong relationships, with yourself and others. This section helps you overcome fears and anxieties, puts you in control of your emotions, and reduces physical and mental stress, depression and anxiety in your life.

Part 4 of Emotional Freedom Technique for Dummies might become your favorite section. It is here where you discover you can apply EFT to physical issues, and control or totally overcome addictions, cravings and other bad habits. This includes dependence upon alcohol, drugs, tobacco, food and other unhealthy addictions. You also learn to heal your body and improve your sleep habits.

Part 5 deals with Treating Children with EFT. You also discover that EFT can work to bring you financial and career success. It is here where you are taught how to empower yourself and others. The last sections of the book cover 11 complementary alternative therapies that improve your EFT experience, followed by 10 Frequently Asked Questions about EFT. The aforementioned Appendix and Index close out the book.

Who Benefits from Emotional Freedom Technique For Dummies 1st Edition?

Don’t let the title of this helpful EFT resource for you. You don’t have to be a “dummy” to benefit from this book. If you have ever wondered exactly what EFT is, and if you can benefit from it, you should certainly consider picking up a digital or paperback version of this inexpensive energy healing resource. Don’t worry, you don’t have to have an advanced degree in Far Eastern or Indian spirituality or medicine. For Dummies titles are intentionally written so anyone with a 5th grade education can read, understand and implement the information being discussed.

This means that just about anyone suffering from emotional, spiritual or physical pain should get their hands on this book. EFT has been effective for treating, and sometimes curing, obesity, heart problems, phobias, chronic back pain and other mind or body-based issues. Especially if you have tried in vain to use traditional medical approaches to solve what ails you, Emotional Freedom Technique For Dummies could deliver serious, positive life changing benefits.

Traditional medicine treats symptoms, and involves doctors, needles, drugs and medications.

EFT works to heal the emotional or physical cause of your symptoms. Think about it. If you simply treat your symptoms, you will have to treat them forever. However, cure the underlying cause that is creating the painful symptoms, physical, emotional or spiritual, and the problem goes away for good. That is what practicing EFT has to offer, and Emotional Freedom Technique For Dummies explains the process perfectly for beginners and lifelong EFT practitioners alike.