EFT and Physical Pain

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While it is widely recognised that EFT has a high success rate for such psychological challenges as emotional traumas and phobias, it is perhaps less widely known that it can be equally effective in resolving physical pain. How is it that tapping a few key points on the body and repeating certain phrases can lead to a measurable reduction in our physical discomfort? Is this nothing more than the placebo effect or is there some other understanding behind what is occurring?

We know that in EFT we tap on the end points of some of the energy pathways used in Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine. Acupuncture itself is a very effective method of treating pain; anything from bad backs to serious sports injuries can be greatly relieved with a visit to a skilled acupuncturist. It is perhaps not surprising then, that EFT also has some measure of success in managing pain levels.

I believe that there is another process at work here too, a process that quite literally taps into the powerful mind body connection that we all have. To treat the ‘dis-ease’ of the body in isolation to the emotional component that is an equal part of that dis-ease is a massive mistake and perhaps explains why the success rate of many traditional medical treatments can be somewhat erratic.

In truth, we can’t discuss banishing physical pain using EFT without also addressing how effective it is at simultaneously diminishing any related emotional issues, because these two components are so intrinsically linked. Working with emotional issues often reduces physical pain. Practitioners have reported relief from headaches and back pain, unclogged sinuses, and even better vision. Some have even made progress with their pain levels in serious illnesses, where surgery, radiation and drugs have done little to help.

The link between the physical and the emotional is of course a two way street; our emotions can influence how we feel physically and our body can change our emotional state. So, using EFT we can choose to tackle emotional issues, or we can work on the physical issues and observe how related emotional components disappear.

There is a process referred to as “Chasing the Pain.” The technique is to reduce or rid the body of one pain in one body area; then as other discomforts start to show up, they are treated with more EFT and resolved. Thus the discomforts or pains are “chased” around the body until all are eliminated. At the end of the session when asked to describe the intensity of their emotional issue, clients often report that they can no longer find it.

The sensations of pain are experienced within the activity of our brain. When we can train the brain’s handling of pain messages, we get some of the best pain-relieving solutions. Our emotions and attitudes affect brain activity. The process is complex and still not fully understood, but our thoughts very much affect how we experience pain. Certain activities, such as laughing, reduce pain by causing the production of endorphins which latch on to receptors in the brain that are responsible for producing pain-killing and euphoric effects. Meditation brings pain relief by reducing brain activity in areas that are responsible for the intensity and location of a painful stimulus.

It has been postulated that pain lasting more than a few moments is remembered by the central nervous system, at the level of the neurons. This mechanism is responsible for the phantom limb pain that amputees sometimes experience. Certain natural substances such as Capsaicin, the active ingredient in hot peppers, are thought to give relief to chronic pain by somehow eradicating the neuron memories of pain; working on your emotions with mind-body practices such as EFT may be prove to be just as promising. 

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Severe and prolonged pain can often set up a vicious cycle within the sufferer; fear of the pain, anxiety, stress, and depression. If we can interrupt that cycle with the Emotional Freedom Technique then our general well-being will be greatly enhanced. 

The Emotional Freedom Technique seems to have great potential to create magic when it comes to our healing, both emotional and physical. This is due to EFT’s ability to quickly diminish the emotional component of traumatic incidents and memories, and once that distress is removed, rebalancing and healing can take place. When we combine the verbal expression of the affirmation with tapping on the meridians that channel the body’s vital health energy, the bio-energy system is restored and the balance that is so essential for optimum health and pain-free living is restored.

Although I frame EFT within what are broadly called the Energy Healing Arts and will happily talk about energy pathways being blocked or disrupted, I recognise that this may not sit well with everyone. The important thing to remember is that, whatever the actual process behind EFT, it has a very successful record in providing pain relief for a great number of people. I often liken it to driving a car. We may not fully understand the inner workings of the internal combustion engine but we can use our vehicle to get from A to B.

The Emotional Freedom Technique simply works. At the end of the day that is perhaps more important than trying to understand the exact process behind it!

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