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Many people claim to get relief from anxiety and stress using the tapping techniques of EFT. As with all EFT treatments the process starts with an affirmation of self-acceptance, and is followed with various statements repeated while tapping on certain body parts in succession. Since there is no known risk in speaking affirmations while tapping on the body the whole EFT process is simple and safe. At the very least it will probably boost your confidence and mental well being and promote healthy beliefs about yourself.

But, is there validity in using EFT to treat anxiety?

You might have something causing you great anxiety, some painful or pressing situation in your life. As you talk about that issue while tapping on the various points along the meridians, your Amygdala in your brain, which is responsible for initiating the fight-or-flight response, gets the message that it is safe to be in a state of calm, that all is well at the moment. This takes the unpleasant feelings out of the situation and your body returns to a state of calm balance.

We can see this process unfold in the following case study:

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Alexa is a 22-year-old woman who lives in London and has landed her dream job in the fashion industry. Everything was going quite well for her until she experienced a serious health setback in her final term of college. She became infected with a bacteria strain that put her in a coma lasting five days. Since her immune system is now compromised, she is easily prone to infections and sickness, and her level of fear and anxiety has her seriously considering walking away from her job to return to her home town where her family, friends and support system are.

Alexa is having great difficulty coming to terms with the results of her illness and states that she doesn’t know who she is any more.

Alexa works with an EFT coach who has Alexa repeat some standard EFT phrases, such as “Even though I don’t know who I am any more, I deeply and completely love and accept myself.” As the coach progresses on, while continuing to tap on the sequence of points, she moves to a different tack, having Alexa speak about being a survivor and that she can opt for new diets, new ways of living, and with her health it is possible to achieve her dreams and be fully supported.

At the end the coach enquires about Alexa’s anxiety level on a scale of zero to ten, where zero is no anxiety and ten is the highest level of anxiety. Where previously, Alexa rated her anxiety at a level of nine, she now says that it is at four.

Alexa is advised to continue doing the tapping technique on her own at home, because there is still a great deal of trauma within her as a result of her illness that still needs to be purged or resolved. But she now feels that she has a way to reduce and heal her anxiety and trauma through tapping.

Although of necessity this is a condensed version of Alexa’s story EFT coaches and healers see this process repeated on an almost daily basis. Sometimes the process is immediate and improvement dramatic while at other times several session may be required, particularly if the cause of the anxiety is deep-set and complex.

That said, EFT offers a route through anxiety that is drug free and, by most talking therapy standards, very quick. Faced with the alternative treatments it is certainly worth exploring the use of the Emotional Freedom Technique to reduce the level of anxiety that you currently experience.

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