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Welcome to Tapping for Health. My name is Steve Cowley and I hope to share with you a remarkable technique that has the potential to greatly improve all aspects of your health and well being.

As a student of the traditional martial arts for over 40 years I have always been drawn to the ‘energy arts’ – Tai Chi, Chi Kung and the study of the meridian system used in Acupuncture and Acupressure.

My other great fascination has been with how the human mind works or, more accurately, why is doesn’t work a lot of the time! How is it we can go from feeling in control of our lives one minute to being in the depths of despair a few moments later? Starting with the best of intentions, why is it that people so often seem to sabotage their own efforts? Whether it be to lose weight, take more exercise or escape from an addictive habit, the success rate for most people is horribly low.

To answer this question we need to know where the problem is located and I think this is why we struggle so much – we are simply looking in the wrong place! Once we realise that no amount of willpower, empowerment courses, diets, or any other external sticking plaster is going to make a difference, we can begin to address the root cause of the problem. For all of us, the single biggest determining factors of our health, wealth, or relationship status, are the beliefs we hold in our sub-concious mind.

It wasn’t until I truly grasped the significance of that last sentence that I could start to make sense of my own life path. Having attended many seminars from the likes of Tony Robbins and Dr John Demartini, and digested just about every self-help book ever published, I was still struggling to keep all aspects of my life on track and seemed to pull the plug on my own ‘success’ with monotonous regularity! Although many of the teachers I had followed spoke of the power of our sub-conscious I just hadn’t grasped that it was so pivotal to everything that had happened.

There is an old saying that my martial arts Sensei used on many occasions. In the combat arts this is normally a painful process when, after you have been dumped on the floor yet again, you finally get what he has been trying to teach you and start to apply it! But it applies in other areas of life too:

A lesson is learned at the time of the learning not at the time of the teaching.

When I finally learned the lesson and it dawned on me how understanding our sub-conscious was the key to everything, it was like the mist had been cleared and so many things dropped into place. So, how does this work? How can we make sense of what is going on?

Imagine we are like a sophisticated computer that has picked up rogue files infected with a virus that greatly undermines and limits its overall performance. Until those files are destroyed and replaced with ones that allow the machine to perform at its optimal best, the computer is destined to follow its inferior operating instructions. It can do nothing else.

Our life events have filled our sub-conscious mind with a set of beliefs about the world and our place in it. Some of these beliefs are helpful, some definitely not so. Sometimes, we are painfully aware of where our most powerful beliefs come from. Perhaps we suffered a severe emotional trauma in our childhood or early teens and that event has left a massive imprint on our entire life path.

For the most part though, our sub-conscious beliefs have simply installed themselves without any real awareness on our part. A throw-away comment from a parent or teacher that lodged itself away deep inside your mind; a moment where you made a mistake in public and have never put yourself in that situation again; a belief that you are in some way ‘not worthy’ because you always seem to have to make do with second best. Whatever it was that drew you to this site, whatever challenges you are currently facing, it is very likely that it is your sub-conscious belief system that lies behind them.

Herein lies the rub! Because our sub-conscious beliefs are ….. well, sub-conscious, they operate at a level below our daily awareness. We really only become aware of them when they spill over into our everyday lives and affect us in a negative way. These invisible, intangible, beliefs often manifest through our body which is in many ways a reflection of our sub-conscious mind. Think on that for a moment; it is both incredibly powerful and frighteningly scary to consider that the current state of our health (in fact, our life generally!) is a product of the sub-conscious beliefs we hold.

Please remember that there is no sense of blame attached to this either. Just as a computer will pick up viruses in the normal course of doing computer things (surfing the web etc.), so we have picked up a whole range of sub-conscious beliefs about who and what we are. In many ways we are not responsible for them being there, but it is our responsibility to address them, evaluate which ones are supportive and which ones are hindering us, and do something about changing the non-supportive beliefs into something more powerful.

Fortunately, there is a simple, natural, self-healing technique that can allow us to do just that. It seems to act like an amazing ‘virus scanner’ that works directly on the sub-conscious mind, targeting our non-supportive beliefs and freeing our body and mind to do what they do best, to operate in an optimal way.

No medicine is involved and there are no doctors or needles required. By simply tapping certain points on your body with your fingertips, you can greatly improve your emotional, mental and physical health. This natural self-healing method is called the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) and combines the best of Eastern and Western thought to give us a simple but effective tool that can have a massively positive affect on our health and well being.

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It seems incredulous that such a simple method can produce quick and lasting results but time after time it succeeds where other treatments have failed. The simple test is to try the EFT tapping solution for yourself. The beauty of it is that you cannot do yourself any harm by trying it – the very worst that could happen is that you waste a few minutes of your time. Against the possibility of greatly improving your health that seems a very small price to pay!

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